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Comin allows publishers to earn revenue from content using integrated e-commerce tools that improve the quality of content and work fully automatically.

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Automatic product matching

Comin provides an e-commerce widget that takes advantages of impulse buying behavior to monetize blogs and publishers. Widget shows a product tied to the content of a blog post. Products are automatically matched by Comin system.

Sign up, setup and earn

Simple registration

All you need to get started is to register in Comin system. Registration consists of several fields, the rest of the data can be filled later on.

Easy setup

Advanced settings allow you to customize the widget to your resource style, thereby attracting more visitors to the content.

Embed and earn money

Earn from your website without additional actions, labor costs and special skills. Comin system will do all the work for you, so you can focus on what matters: generating content.

Fully customizable widget

Different types of visual display

The widget has many types, so you can choose the widget type that is most suitable for your resource and location. The widget’s nativeness will increase the indicator of involvement in the content and interaction with it.

Setup size and format

The adjustable width and height of the widget will help you to maximally effectively integrate it into the desired area. And the function of a full width format is to adjust the widget for any type of screen.

Required quantity

Select the required number of products displayed in one area, thereby giving users a wider choice.

Customize with colors

Adjusting the color of active elements allows you to make your widget more native and synchronize it with the branded colors of your site.

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